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Feel free to mix and match strains with our standard pricing below.  Totals will come out wrong when mixing and placing your order online. We will confirm your total when we confirm your order.  Premium flower cannot be mixed with regular flower and will be priced separtely. 

1/8 - 50 Donation

1/4 - 100 Donation

1/2 - 180 Donation

1oz - 300 Donation



Sprungalungs- Hybrid- (Dyor x Bebesita). This strain is such a whopper. From opening the jar, the smell is reminiscent to the eighths I used to pick up when I started smoking, and the flavor and high definitely carried this effect as well! Super, super gassy and skunky flavor, with an extremely potent but balanced hybrid high. Definitely not a strain for the faint of heart!