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Feel free to mix and match strains with our standard pricing below.  Totals will come out wrong when mixing and placing your order online. We will confirm your total when we confirm your order.  Premium flower cannot be mixed with regular flower and will be priced separtely. 

1/8 - 50 Donation

1/4 - 100 Donation

1/2 - 180 Donation

1oz - 300 Donation


Z Pop- 31.71%- Sativa Domiant Hybrid- Z Pop is a sativa dominant hybrid with an uplifting, sativa-like high that provides a balanced and happy feeling. Z Pop strain is one of the most exciting new marijuana strains to come out of California since the Golden State legalized cannabis. The Z Pop cannabis strain combines the classic sativa effects of a soaring mental high with the uplifting effects of an energetic and creative body buzz. Z Pop strain is a high-performance sativa hybrid. It contains balanced THC, making it a highly sought after strain for recreational use. A strong citrusy smell, with hints of spice and diesel are signatures of this strain. The effects are very intense cerebral, both uplifting and euphoric.